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AwaTech is a technology company that develops and operates software solutions aimed at improving the lives of its users. It currently owns and operates the AwaBike brand. AwaBike is a mobility company with a focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability through the deployment of smart technology to deliver efficient transportation options, via green emission focused campaigns and platforms. The West African region is rapidly urbanizing with many dense cities. Location intelligence service ranked African cities by economic activity, connectivity and number of middle class consumers. 37 of the 100 highest ranked cities in Africa are in Nigeria, the most of any other African country. Lagos is the largest city in Africa with as estimated 21million population.

The Lagos transport system is notably fragmented with a mix of taxis, yellow buses, motorcycles, and auto-rickshaws. Lagos also has numerous closed estate communities, many of which prohibit motorcycles from entering or have time restrictions. The company’s strategy is to enter the market through closed communities before gradually expanding into mass transport and major cities. These communities (university campuses and housing estates) have a higher smartphone penetration and concentration of millennials which have accelerated early adoption.
Nigeria alone has a total of over 200 Universities and polytechnics with a student population of over 1.9 million and an estimated potential of 140,000 rides daily.


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D Global Ventures is actively using 23 technologies for its website, according to BuiltWith. These include Viewport Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SPF.

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Executive with a passion for advocating for and investing in people. I desire to facilitate opportunities for people to reach their highest potential.

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At Fine Structure Ventures, a venture capital fund affiliated with FMR LLC, the parent company of Fidelity Investments we focus on early stage investments in disruptive scientific and technological innovation.

Prior to this fund, I led investments in deep tech (AI, Robotics, Blockchain, Crypto, HPC, etc.) over 15 years for funds at Applied Crypto Ventures, F-Prime Capital, Eight Roads, and Fidelity Ventures.

I am a follower of the globalization of innovation and enjoy engaging with leading regional funds as an advisor: Pillar VC (Boston), Kae Capital(Mumbai), and Oui Capital (Lagos). This follows a long career as a technology entrepreneur, operator, investor, and dealmaker for over 20 years.

I frequently take on operating roles in startups, and in recent years, I have led strategic business development for startups like Tactai (haptics and virtual reality) and ownCloud (cloud file storage). Previously, I led business development efforts at RSA’s Data Security Division and drove the relationship that led to the $2.3B acquisition of RSA by EMC in June 2006 (largest tech deal that year).

I earned dual MBAs from Columbia Business School and London Business School; an MSEE from Clarkson University, and a BE in Comp. Engg. from Mumbai University.

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